Freckles On Lips – Causes, Dangers & Lip Freckles Removal

freckles on lips

Everything you need to know about freckles on lips including the meaning, causes, dangers and lip freckle removal advice. As we get older lots of new freckles can show up virtually anywhere on our bodies. Lip freckles may also start to appear, although often less likely than new freckles on legs, arms, chest and face. In the majority of cases the appearance of new freckles is due to harmless under skin sores caused by an excess of sunlight exposure although occasionally they indicate signs of a much more serious health disorder. So are freckles on lips normal? Read on.

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Freckles on lips meaning – Are freckles on lips normal ?

What does it mean if you get a new freckle on your lips? You will be happy to hear that freckles on lips are perfectly normal and form in the same way as all the other freckles that may be on our bodies. Freckles on lips have the tendency to be more recognizable as the skin on lips is typically very thin and also lighter than other areas of the body making freckles stand out. Freckles around lips can appear as a freckle on the lower lip or freckles on upper lip. They can appear in toward the mouth or around the lip line, as a solitary spot or in many different places. Also they can be freckle size or bigger and light to dark in color. The phrases “age spots,” “freckles,” “liver spots” as well as “sun spots” share the same meaning and are regularly used to describe the same thing, freckles! Click the following link to learn more about what are freckles

What Causes Lip Freckles ?

example of freckle on lipsThe main cause of  lip freckles and freckles in general is sunshine exposure. Ultraviolet rays from the sun penetrate the skin, including the lips and damage cells which cause the lip freckle. This UV destruction may not show up until a few years later as it takes place in the tissues below the surface of the skin. As we age and our skin slowly sheds and regenerates, these damaged areas under the skin come to the surface as a new freckle.  This is typical for maturing skin that has been overexposed to the sun as the sunlight harms the collagen required proteins. Sunshine exposure induces irregular cell functioning, frequently resulting in freckles. There is a popular myth that pregnancy causes freckles although the fact is that pregnancy does not cause freckles although is has been evidenced that during pregnancy freckles become darker in shade. To learn more about the genetic reasons behind the formation of freckles please read the post on where do freckles come from which details the science behind freckles.

Freckles on lips Cancer – Can freckles be cancerous ?

In some cases freckles or brown spots on the lips indicate a pre-cancerous condition called Actinic Cheilitis which is commonly know as “agriculturalist’s lip” or “sailor man’s lip,” and stems from lifetime exposure to UV rays. This condition typically affects the lower lip. People with this condition also suffer from dryness as well as cracking of the lips. Reports generally state that sufferes of Actinic Cheilitis tend to be older, fair-skinned males who regularly smoke tobacco. The same records state that squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer develops in 6 percent to 10 percent of patients diagnosed with Actinic Cheilitis.

Below is a picture of a patient suffering from a mild case of Actinic Cheilitis:

Freckle on lip dangers

Skin Cancer freckles on lips :

Can freckles be cancerous? Freckles on the lips can suggest freckles skin cancer in rare cases. 90 percent of cases where a freckle turned out to be cancerous freckle it resulted in a diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma. Good news is that according to an April 2008 MSNBC Health and wellness report, if detected and managed properly, these sort of skin cancer freckles are not as serious as other kinds of cancers. Although left neglected, this carcinoma may result in lip unsightliness, and in uncommon cases it may spread and come to be deadly. Dental malignant melanoma, though less typically diagnosed, is a more major kind of skin cancer that could be initially recognized by brownish spots on the lips similar to freckles.

Prevention of freckles on lips :

The lips are especially sensitive to UV rays we get from sunlight. The recommended method to shield your lips from UV rays is by applying a lotion with a minimum SPF of 30.  Women need to make sure then are using lipstick with zinc oxide rather of wearing lip gloss. Manhattan dermatologists Francesca Fusco as well as Bruce Robinson claimed in the MSNBC report that putting on lip gloss (specifically high-shine) in the sun increases UV penetration allowing for much more cell damage which leads to a much higher possibility of getting freckles on lips.

What lip freckles removal treatment is safe and effective ?

Patients worried about having freckles on the lips should at first instance talk with a dermatologist to be sure that the spots are not cancerous. More than likely the freckles will be simply age or sun spots that can easily be removed. 

If you want to quickly fade and remove freckles on your lips then there are permanent treatments available if your freckles are offending you. If you want to learn how to get rid of freckles on lips the most popular consumer choice is modern hyper pigmentation removal creams that have the ability to remove freckles. A good cream applied as instructed will work just as effectively as laser treatments but at a much lower cost and with less risk of any kind of scarring that laser treatments can result in. The only downside is that it will take longer to see the results.

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