Freckles On Lips – Causes, freckle removal and prevention

freckles on lipsAs individuals age, freckles on lips or brownish spots that are certainly not natural blemishes or birthmarks may begin to show up virtually anywhere on the body. These are often just age or sun spots. The lips, too, may establish brown spots, although that’s less frequent than spots on the face, hands, chest and shoulders. Usually these freckles on lips are nothing beyond benign sores after sunlight exposure although occasionally they indicate signs of a more serious health disorder.

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Freckles on lips – Significance and Identification

Brown spots or freckles on lips must be looked over by a dermatologist as they may be precancerous in some cases although they’re usually sunshine or liver spots that develop with age. There is no visible difference between precancerous and benign spots in the beginning periods so it is always the best course of action to consult your dermatologist as soon as you notice them. Brown spots or freckles on lips can appear in a number of places and ways. They can appear in toward the mouth or around the lip line, as a solitary spot or in many different places. Also they can be freckle size or bigger and light to dark in color. Click the following link to learn about what are freckles in more detail.

Causes of brown spots or freckles on lips

The main cause of brownish spots or freckles on lips is sunshine exposure. Ultraviolet rays from the sun penetrate the skin, including the lips and damage cells causing the freckles. This UV destruction may not show up until a few years later as it takes place in the tissues below the surface. This is typical for maturing skin that has been overexposed to the sun, harming the collagen required proteins. Sunshine exposure induces irregular cell functioning, frequently resulting in brown spots or freckles on lips. Pregnancy is certainly not an origin of brown spots on the lips; yet it does make the spots darker in shade.

Benign Brown Spots or freckles on lips example of freckle on lips

The phrases “age spots,” “freckles,” “liver spots” as well as “sun spots” share the identical significance and are regularly are used to describe the same thing. These benign spots may appear on lips that have a history of overexposure to UV rays. They are long-lasting, and they can increase in quantity over time.

Pre-Cancerous Brown Spots or freckles on lips

In some cases brown spots on the lips indicate a pre-cancerous condition called Actinic Cheilitis, regularly described as “agriculturalist’s lip” or “sailor man’s lip,” which comes from extreme lifetime UV exposure. This condition typically affects the lower lip. People with this condition not only have but also suffer from dryness as well as cracking of the lips. According to a report on this affliction Actinic Cheilitis is much more frequent in older, fair-skinned males, especially tobacco users. The same records state that squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer develops in 6 percent to 10 percent of patients diagnosed with Actinic Cheilitis.

Below is a picture of a patient suffering from Actinic Cheilitis:

Actinic Cheilitis Sufferer

Cancerous Brown Spots or freckles on lips

Brown spots on the lips can suggest skin cancer. There are approximately 3,500 new cases of skin cancer in the lips documented every year, and 90 percent of them are squamous cell carcinoma, according to an April 2008 MSNBC Health and wellness report, “Certainly not just lip service: Gloss could welcome skin cancer.” If detected in its in advance periods and also managed properly, this sort of cancer is not as serious as additional kinds, according to the report. Yet left neglected, this carcinoma may result in lip unsightliness, and in uncommon cases it may spread and come to be deadly. Dental malignant melanoma, though lesser typical, is the more major kind of skin cancer that could initially be recognized by brownish spots on the lips.

Prevention of freckles on lips

The lips are specifically sensitive to UV rays. The leading method to shield them through sun is certainly not merely by putting sunscreen lip lotions with a minimum SPF of 30, however by using lipstick with zinc oxide rather of wearing lip gloss. Manhattan dermatologists Francesca Fusco as well as Bruce Robinson claimed in the MSNBC report. Putting on lip gloss (specifically high-shine) in the sun increases UV penetration allowing for for cell damage and greater possibility of getting brown spots or freckles on lips.

Treatment of brown spots or freckles on lips

Patients worried by having brownish spots on the lips should initially talk with a dermatologist to be sure that the spots are not cancerous. More than likely the spots are simply age or sun spots
that can easily be removed. Your dermatologist will put your mind at rest after a diagnosis.

If diagnosed as simply harmless benign brown spots then there are permanent treatments available if they cause offence. If you want to learn how to safely get rid of freckles  then the most common treatment is laser freckle removal therapy although this is slowly becoming less widely used as modern hyper pigmentation removal creams are working just as effectively but at a much lower cost.

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